Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What are the chances?

I would just like to offer up a big, fat “Thank you” to the people at Go-gurt for once again letting down my children.

Sadly, they are not winners of the “Awesome Adventures” sweepstakes contest.

I know. You're just as shocked as I was.

Did I think we were going to win? Most definitely not.

Did my kids think we were going to win? Most definitely.

I wasted about a half hour today entering the disappointing numbers off of a stack of sticky, rancid yogurt wrappers. And GOD FORBID I don’t enter every last wrapper in our house.

The above picture is only a small representation of the wrappers I have helped them to enter.

Usually, I throw these things away. But my kids still have that unbridled sense of optimism, and will slurp that yogurt down their throats because they “just know” that they have the winning number.


At least the yogurt is healthy.

But do I crush their optimism? Absolutely not. That would just be downright mean.

Do I tell them that their chances of winning these things fall somewhere between no and hell no?

No, I do not.

Besides, it’s very cute and entertaining to listen to them discuss what they are going to buy if they win the $10,000 prize on the back of the cereal box. One of them said they would buy a mansion, and treat the family to a fancy vacation.

I know the real estate market is down lately, but I doubt we’ll be finding any mansions for ten Gs.

And a vacation to boot.

But what a sweet, innocent thought.

I figure they have the rest of their lives to live in the reality that their chances of winning the lotto or most contests are slim. But for now, I’ll let them go on blissfully thinking that these things are possible.

Hey, maybe I should take some of that advice to heart.

After all, who knows? Someone has to win these darn contests. Why can’t it be one of them?

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