Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Teachers are much cooler than this. might want to sit down for this one.

Your teacher pees her pants. All day long. But don't worry, she's wearing Depends. So it's all good.

As a former teacher, I was hilariously offended (ooh! what a paradox that is!) by the above ad in this Sunday's coupon circulars. I haven't taught in over ten years; however, I still remember how difficult the job is, so as far as teachers go, I have their back. Can we just cut them a break?

It's bad enough that they're stuck with our kids day in and day out, and the pay can be quite lousy, but now Depends is accusing them of being chronic pee-ers-in-their-pants.


The "teacher" in the picture looks so happy! So energized! So....oops. She did it again. But don't worry! Her leakage will be minimal and the crinkly sound of her diaper will only cause her to be nicknamed Miss Tinkle-Pants by 74% of the student body instead of 100%. Phew.

By the way, the feathered hair and the skirt that is hiked up to your chin must go, sister. Come on Depends, you are only perpetuating the stereotype of the frumpy, out-of-date teacher. Teachers are hip. They don't all wear appliqued holiday sweaters and ugly clothes. They can be just as cool as you and I.

You know what would be great? Depends should feature a dapper executive in his $3,000 suit leading a meeting of the Board of Directors and the caption would say, "No worries! You don't even hear the crinkle of his Depends diaper when he walks!" The same caption could be used for a sassy supermodel strutting down a runway, leak-free. Imagine how many adult diapers they would sell off of that ad.

Stop picking on the teachers, Depends.

Props to all of you who do a superb job of teaching, supporting and comforting our kids all day at school. I have your back.

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