Monday, October 19, 2009

The flu and other things I did today.

Remember that time you said, "Wouldn't it be awesome if I could just spend the whole day in bed or just lying around?"

Yeah. Not so fun.

The flu hit me on Sunday and I've just been laying (or is it lying?) around all day today. It's not the swine variety, it's just your garden variety icky, achy, fevery flu. Besides, didn't you hear? The swine flu isn't allowed in my house. I banned it. That little piggy went to market, that little piggy stayed home, that little piggy had roast beef, and then I banned him from my house.

Wouldn't that be nice?

We were in Michigan this weekend having fun with relatives, celebrating the October birthdays in our house, namely, Charlie and George. I started to feel like crap on our drive back on Sunday afternoon, and when we got home at about 3:00, I barely moved from my bed until morning.

It was great.

Well, minus the chills and fever and achy stuff.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, I watched trashy DVR-ed shows, and two movies. Lifetime, baby. Who usually has time for that? Bill held down the fort on his own, and I only heard minimal crashing sounds and screaming from the kids. Of course the kids wanted to come in bed with me, because they thought they were missing out on something really exciting, but they realized quickly that Lifetime is no Disney Channel. Besides, Bill kept telling them not to "bother Mommy because she needs her rest to get better."

Love him.

But today wasn't as exciting. I was still feeling sick this morning, and fervently wishing my energy would come back. Unlike Sunday, today I didn't have the luxury of total unproductive laziness, since Bill was at work, and I still had to do the afternoon carpooling, homework duty, after-school snacks, and "CAN I GET A JUICE, PLEEEEASE MOMMY?!?"

Is it bad that I let George play video games and watch television all day? Is it bad that the television was also Annabel's babysitter for about 3 hours straight today? Okay. Who am I kidding? Make it four hours. Is it wrong that I let her sit in her poopy Pull-Up for about a half-hour after her nap because I just didn't have the energy to change it?

I'm sure I'm not the only mom with the flu that did that today.

No guilt trip here.

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