Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween, you were buckets o' fun, but I'm glad to be done with you.

Well, Halloween 2009 is in the books.

It was a fun time, with great memories. But that said, I'm happy to be done with it.

Christmas is my thing. If there were a Scrooge for Halloween, that would probably be me. I enjoy it for a few days, but then I'm more than happy when it's over. My Christmas music playlist starts up, and I start focusing on the warm and cozy upcoming holiday season.

As you read a few days ago, Pre-Halloween 2009 didn't happen because I was living in Temper Tantrum City and Meltdown Town, but Halloween 2009 happened, and was, in fact, almost meltdown-free.


The kids are more than sated with their share of chocolate, lollipops, chocolate, gummies, chocolate, and did I mention chocolate? I'll let them gorge themselves for a few more days before the huge bags start thinning out, and pieces of candy slowly disappear into the garbage while children are at school. (Don't bust me.) After all the parties, the school parties, and neighborhood fun, even my kids would likely admit that they are Halloween-ed out.

It's been real, Halloween. Nice knowing ya.

We had a few last-minute costume regrets last night, to which I said, "Whatevs! 5:30 p.m. on Halloween is not the time to decide that you don't want to be a pirate/Star Wars Clone Trooper. Get over it." One of my kids, who shall remain nameless, even suggested that I run to Target to buy him a new costume, because he saw some of the other kids' costumes in the neighborhood, and they were "way cooler." Needless to say, I ignored that request.

I'm such a meanie.

However, like most holidays, no matter how many pictures I take, I always realize about five minutes too late (i.e. after they take their costumes off) that I didn't take enough of my kids. It's so busy getting everyone ready, and I'm thrown into the happy chaos, but then it's over, and I'm uploading the pictures thinking how many great shots I missed.

I say I will learn my lesson for the next time, but I never do.

We had a good turnout of kids in our neighborhood, and I'm always amazed at the creativity and cuteness of some costumes, but then I'm also baffled at the total inappropriateness of others. Yes, parents, when you send your sweet little child out on the street dressed as mass murderer with a bloody knife, and a bloody, scarred mask, I cringe. Really? That's the best you can do? I know the costume choices get harder as kids get older, but a serial killer? Niiiice.

I saw two different boys, each about 10-ish years old dressed as pimps. Yes, two pimps. I even asked one of the boys, "So what is your costume?" knowing full well what he was supposed to be, as I was almost blinded by the bright neon green and zebra fur hat, and gold dollar sign pendant around his neck.

"I'm a pimp," was his quick reply.

Good. I was just thinking to myself how the population of pimps in the world is always way underrepresented by children on Halloween. There is nothing more heartwarming than to see a young boy dressed up as a man who makes his living by selling vulnerable women for sex on the streets. And rules by force and threats. And even beats up or murders said women.

Parents? Really? A pimp?

On that note, I wish a Happy Belated Halloween to all. Now it's on to November, Thanksgiving, and the holiday season.

I savor this time of year. Cold weather and all.

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