Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every little bit helps, no matter how small.

As much as I would love to regale you with tales of my home life, specifically the moment today when one of my sons walked into our pantry, farted, closed the door, and "trapped the fart inside", thus tainting all of our non-perishables with a permanent level of gaseous toxicity, I feel that I must refrain from doing so. At least for today.

And let me tell you all, that I would love nothing more than to complain about that, because it has been two hours, and I still cannot get the fart smell out of my pantry.

But somehow, my inanity just doesn't seem appropriate right now.

There is much suffering in the world today, and my thoughts are with the people of Haiti. I am praying and thinking of the families searching fervently for loved ones. The thought of parents scouring the rubble for their children under collapsed schoolhouses and buildings breaks my heart.

Of course you may have heard of ways you can help, but here are two amazing organizations that deserve attention for the wonderful humanitarian relief work they do all over the world, and especially now in Haiti.

Please go to the websites of the American Red Cross and Catholic Relief Services to find information on how to help relief efforts.

The world is so huge, and yet so small. We feel so insignificant. We feel like our little donation won't make a difference.

But every little bit helps.

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