Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Facebook,

As if you weren't entertaining enough, you had to go and top yourself.

Oh Facebook. You overachiever, you.

Every time I send an email through Facebook, or post a link on my wall, your word verification box never disappoints. In fact, the other day you baffled me when you made me type the words "whale chili" in the little box.

Whale chili? For reals Facebook? You forced me to conjure up an image of a peaceful, majestic whale in a pot on my stove. Shame on you, Facebook. Nothing about whale chili sounds yummy. Or in any way humane. What would PETA say about that particular word verification box?

Don't worry. I'll keep that one just between you and me.

Today, however, you topped yourself. Thanks to you and your quest to prove that I am not a robot, but in fact a real, live human being, you forced me to type these words in the little box today:

Come on now Facebook.

Although I would agree that Tampax is quite newsworthy in and of itself, must I be reminded of this fact when I want to send an email to an old friend?

And how do Kotex and Playtex feel about the shout-out to Tampax? Have you chosen sides in the battle of the feminine hygiene products? Are you drawing a line in the sand on this matter, Facebook? Is this your passive-aggressive way of saying, "Tampax is where it's at"?

Of all of the millions of words to choose from, why these two?

Keep on keepin' on, Facebook.


Clare the Amused Mommyblogger


  1. Hee haw! I've often wondered about the nonsensical stuff I'm forced to type when I send stuff. That is too funny. How did you manage to copy the verification thingy and paste it into your blog? WHO are you, techno show off!?

  2. P.S. Blogger made me type, "Tortosse", after I wrote my last comment. Just an fyi. In case you were wondering.

  3. It's called a "screenshot", muffintopmommy! How impressed are you with my mad computer skills, yo?

  4. just between you and me...right?

  5. Not only is this post a freakin' riot, but so are the comments! You two gals never disappoint!


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