Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do these jean diapers make my tush look big?

Yesterday I was at the store with my daughter, and as I rounded one aisle and was about to turn my cart into the next, I glanced over and saw a huge display of diapers piled on an aisle end cap. At first, I barely noticed them, but then something caught my eye. I grabbed my little girl and we walked toward the display for a closer look. Of course I had to reach into my purse, pull out my phone and take a picture of the display.

Of course.

Check it out.

They're jeans! They're diapers! They're jean diapers!

Jean diapers. For the trendy toddler.

I almost wish I still had a toddler in diapers, just so I could see an adorable little jean diaper-clad tush waddle across my floor.

I said almost. Yay for potty-trained kids!

They are LIMITED EDITION, so get yours now,people. Heaven forbid your child soil himself in a boring old diaper. Heaven forbid your child poop in anything unfashionable.

Heaven forbid.

Did you notice the fake little pocket detail on the back? It's really a shame that the pocket is fake. Where is your baby going to put his wallet? Or her car keys? Or all the other things a baby can't leave home without?

In a nod to "jhorts", (jean shorts) I have dubbed this the "jiaper".

Fashion statements start young, and Huggies has decided that it is never too early. Even if your child can't control his own bowels or bladder yet, at least he will do it in style.

Oh the cuteness.

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