Friday, May 7, 2010

Who knew I was so photogenic?

You know that you have those pictures of yourself that you love.

They are the pictures that you are not embarrassed to post on your Facebook profile in hopes that your former crush clicks on them for a closer look and thinks, "DAYUM! How did I let that hottie get away?"

It is that perfect picture that shows you at your best. It's a good hair day. Your outfit is stylish and stain-free. You have posed showing your "good side". The good side that makes you look skinnier and younger.

I attended a Mother's Day tea this afternoon with a dapper, 5-year old gentleman who also happens to call me, "Mom". Fitting of the occasion, my son captured the moment in time in a picture. It is now my new favorite picture of myself.


Check it out.

Just in case you are having a hard time recognizing me, what with my hair shaped into an afro and all, I'm the HAWT little number on the right whose legs go on for days.

Who needs a torso anyway?

Torsos are overrated.

Torsos are for chumps.

Just think of how much money I save on clothing.

And underwear.

And shoes.

And accessories.

Y'all are dropping thousands of dollars on snappy little tunics and sexy v-necks, and then there's me.

Just kickin' it with a head, two arms, and two legs.

And of course, we must not forget my big ol' 'fro.

However, it is getting a bit difficult to type, what with my arms growing out from underneath my chin.

But check out my legs.

I had no idea how truly saucy my gams are.

Despite the fact that I have no knees.

Dude, I don't like to brag, but I'm kind of hot.

My son is way cuter than me, of course, but I don't remember him being green at birth.

Or having eyes the size of Coco Chanel's trademark black sunglasses.

Whatevs. I still love him.

And he's quite the artist.

I know there's a market for abstract art, since a Picasso just sold for $106 million the other day, but sorry.

It's not for sale.


  1. That is so funny! I mean, you look TOTALLY HAWT!

  2. Okay, literally laughed out loud! Had to quiet myself 'cause hubs is watching TV. Clare, this is just awesome. I must post on fb!

  3. You are TOTALLY kickin it. Honestly, my torso is my trouble spot, so anyone who can draw that out for me is a hero.

  4. Love this post-made me laugh out loud! My 3 year-old son draws torso-less people as well. Although, he makes sure when he is drawing pictures of his dad to add a very large.... well, I won't type the word out on your sweet blog. But it rhymes with "wenis."


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