Thursday, September 16, 2010

Deep thoughts at Homegoods.

If my daughter could love preschool any more, she would marry it.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, she wakes up happy, knowing that in just a few hours she will join her new friends in circle time.

As for me, well, I'm getting used to it. I love the alone time, yes, but it's still a very strange feeling pulling out of the school parking lot in a nearly empty minivan. A hush falls over the car and the only sound I can hear is the sound of my breathing. It is a foreign sound indeed.

Also, there's that stray Matchbox car/food wrapper/pencil/unknown toy that rattles around as I turn the corner. 

The curse of the minivan. 

We always have the best of intentions to keep the car neat as a pin, but that lasts about three days, and I'm back to being the reluctant Mayor of Messy Minivan City.

Enough of my rambling.

Back to me and my alone time.

I love it. 

It is always amazing to me how refreshed I feel, and how ready I am to take on the rest of my day. 

Today, after my daughter skipped off happily to her preschool classroom, I aimlessly wandered the aisles of Homegoods.

Just because I could.

Homegoods is a place I would never take four energetic children, what with the gazillion breakables, and me not being a glutton for punishment.

But today I just wandered. Slowly. Without a purpose.

As I rounded the corner of one aisle into the next, I saw this sign hanging on the endcap.

My name is Clare, and I approve this message.


  1. I LOVE this little saying! One day I need a sign like that too. I have it on a little tin but I woulda snatched up that sign too! Last week of Sept. my littlest guy starts preschool. You have a minivan full of you don't know what, I have a suburban. It will never ever be clean. The end.

  2. Word. I had to give my friend's daughter a ride to school today. She's a very pristine, very neat, bright, 5 year old girl with one older sister. After she was horrified my three year old unravelled a whole roll of toilet paper and told him he'd better not do that again, she told me from the back seat of the SUV on the way to school, "You really need to clean up this!" Apparently, she was not impressed with all the things the boys had dropped in the back seat, or the mats which were muddied from soccer. Then, I asked her if she liked riding up high, because you can see more (her mom's car is down lower) and she said, "I guess, but this car is kind of smelly!" Right. From the mouth of babes. All I could do was laugh! Priceless. I thought, I really do have a frat house of boys---we've really horrified this little girl! It is the little things!

  3. This post is great. Deep thoughts indeed.

  4. @Denise - I had never heard this saying before and I just loved it. And yes, I realize that cleaning my minivan is a futile effort...

    @muftopmommy - That is so funny! She called you out for having a smelly car? What a spunky little thing! Although, if someone said that to me, I'd just be all, "True dat. Yep, this car kinda smells." :)

  5. I love this saying! And...I love Homegoods! We don't have one very close, about 40 minutes away. But I could spend a long time just browsing, which is a perfect thing to do while little ones are in preschool!

    Hate those darn things that rattle around in the car.....


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