Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday night Scrabble.

I rock a mean Scrabble board.

On an average day, I am not the most competitive person you will find. I enjoy watching sports occasionally, and rooting for favorite teams, but I realize that it is just a game. However, just pull out the square board and the bag of letter tiles, and my opponent, most often my husband Bill, can EAT MY SCRABBLE DUST, YO.

Not to brag, but I have mad Scrabble skillz.

Well, I guess that's totally bragging. Sue me.

I like words. What can I say?

What has two thumbs and came in second-place in my grade school's 5th grade spelling bee, finally falling to the word, "onomatopoeia"?

This girl.

Anyway, I have learned to be more gracious when playing Scrabble, because it has gotten to the point when I just raise my eyebrow and say the word, "Scrabble?" and Bill is all, "NO WAY, WOMAN. NOT EVEN IF YOU STICK PINS THROUGH MY EYEBALLS."

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I may or may not get all up in his grill after spelling a particularly fantastically highbrow, high-scoring word and yelling, "TRIPLE WORD SCORE SUCKER! 62 POINTS! TAKE THAT AND CHEW ON IT! HA!!!"

I know. It totally makes you want to play Scrabble with me, huh?

So, when my 8-year old son came to me on Saturday evening and said, "Mom, will you teach me how to play Scrabble?" my heart skipped a beat.

My children, of course, have only seen me playing Scrabble with their father one time. We usually play it on a cold fall or winter weekend evening with a bottle of wine after our children have gone to sleep. Of course the one time they saw us playing it, I practiced complete maturity and restraint.

Kind of.

Aaaaannnddd....HORROR OF HORRORS...Bill won.

Not cool, Bill. Not cool.

But my boy wanted to learn, and like any good master, I decided that his training must begin.

[insert nerdy "Star Wars" Jedi analogy here]

This was one time that I couldn't care less about winning. After all, when it comes to my children, I'd much rather teach them the love of a game and good sportsmanship. (Once they are adults, however, all bets are off. I totally foresee me getting all up in their grill in adulthood and yelling, "DID YOU SEE THAT? A Q, AND AND Z IN THE SAME WORD AND ALL ON A TRIPLE WORD SCORE?!?!? DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!? BOO-YAH SUCKERS!!!")

My son and I laid out the board, each chose seven letter tiles, and began the game. I helped him with his words when he was stumped, and I made sure he understood how to place his tiles to maximize his points. We looked at the tiles together to see that the words he placed challenged him and used the most tiles at a time. Fortunately, he is his mother's son when it comes to Scrabble, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was bliss, bonding over a board game with my boy.

At one point in the game, he beamed with excitement. "Mom! I can't wait for my turn!"

"Okay, okay. Hold on. I just have to let me finish my turn first." I responded.

"But Mom! Check. it. out!" he said as he turned around the wood rack holding his letters.

What mother wouldn't be proud?


  1. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend!!! I am the one who rocks the Scrabble board. You wanna throw? I have been playing with my dad since I was about 13 and I'm 35 now, so that's a long time of Scrabble playin'. Mmmmmmhmmmm! No, I am so totally with you. My boys like to play "with us" now. I love Scrabble AND Boggle. My husband and I play sometimes. We have been playing Words with Friends on our iPhones against each other and he keeps beating me...BAD!! I can hardly take it! Anyway, this post made me laugh. Loved it!

    On another note, I'm so with you on the Costco vs. Wal-Mart greeters. Everything at Costco is top notch, is it not? :)

  2. Oh, I LOVE me some Scrabble! I'm not always that great, but I do love to play. My son has been playing with me for years, and will still humor me with a game here and there even though he's 16.

    There's some new Scrabble game coming out, supposed to be a big holiday gift? Haven't seen it yet, so I don't understand what's different about it...I think there's no board.

  3. Oh child.... I hope you did what any cool mom would do in this situation....tell him to slide the "s" over too- more points!

  4. Scrabble is a great game! Glad you're teaching him. How long until he's ready for you to REALLY play? :)

  5. I've read that if you play it right, BENZOXYCAMPHORS (a chemical) can score you 1593 points.


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