Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beauty on an endcap.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I mention Target every so often.

Like how I love it.

Like how it makes shopping for cereal and Pull-ups and white Hanes socks fun.

But it's not like I'm obsessed. I'm just prone to exaggeration when I say I'm there all the time. Really, I'm only there maybe once a week. Or eleventy thousand. You know, same thing.

It's not like the post office is going to redirect my mail to Target.

Target, there is no need to take out a restraining order. I come in peace. I am just a mom who has many errands to run, and needs a one-stop shop.

It helps that Target has perfect fodder for my blog, because only interesting things happen at the Big Red Bullseye. At the grocery store? Eh. Not so much. But Tar-jay? Never disappoints me.

This morning, while shopping with my 3-year old daughter, I saw a thing of beauty on the bottom shelf of an endcap.

Sure, there are many things of beauty at Target, such as those yellow, "Price Cut!" signs, and those red, "Sale!" signs. But this? It was pure, natural beauty. It was nature at its finest.

Nature? At Target?

Stay with me.

I credit my daughter for finding it first. As usual, she was energetically running ahead of me, and as she reached the end of an aisle, she pointed to an endcap and yelled, "Mom! Look at the pretty flower!"

Not thinking much of what she was pointing at because silk flowers aren't exactly my thing, I absentmindedly nodded and placated her as I said, "Oh. Wow. Yeah. Look at that."

"NO MOM," she said insistently as she put her hands on her hips and made me look at what she was talking about. "LOOK. It's a flower!"

And we saw this.

The simple beauty of this bright red amaryllis growing out of this pot took my breath away. It was a rebel flower. A flower that grew too soon. A flower that shouldn't be.

Yet there it was. In all its bright, red Christmas glory.

About 50 other Smith and Hawken pots sat on the shelf in neat little rows, their cardboard lids secure, following the rules, with no sign of any flower growth. I was struck by the obstacles this beautiful flower faced in its journey to bloom. The cardboard lid. The lack of sunlight. The absence of watering. But somehow, despite all these obstacles, the amaryllis bloomed, bright and red, three gorgeous flowers sprouting from its strong green stem.

Thanks to my daughter, we found beauty today. Amidst the Christmas rush to complete all my errands, we took time to stop and smell the flowers.

At Target.

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