Monday, January 31, 2011

When all else fails, bring on a dance party.

It is January.


It is cold.

How cold?

It doesn't even matter what the number is anymore. It is just C-to-the-O-to-the-L-to-the-D.

Chill you to the bone cold.

The sun has been playing hide-and-seek as of late.

Mostly, it hides and I seek it.

And? It is Monday.

My kids were especially difficult to wake this morning. After all, can you really blame them? Like I said, it is Monday. It is still January. It is cold. There is only indoor recess to look forward to at school. When they must rise out of the comfort of their warm beds, it is still dark outside. When we pull out of our driveway to leave for school, it is still dark outside.

It doesn't help matters that the news has been predicting a winter storm of Biblical proportions headed our way.

There will be ice. Lots of ice.

And snow.

And rain.

And sleet.

And more ice.

And maybe even a few locusts.

It could all happen.

I am a proud Midwestern girl who has lived here in this beautiful part of America my whole life. But as adept as I have become with winter driving, the anxiety still creeps in when the barometer drops, especially with my beloved shorties in the car.

I worry about my cherished husband driving in such conditions. I worry about my dear family and friends.

I pray for all of your safety.

And for a Snow Day.

Let's review.

It is January. It is cold. It is Monday. A winter storm is headed our way. My shorties did not want to get out of bed. I did not want to get out of bed.

By this logic, it was time for a dance party in the kitchen.

At 7:10 in the A-M.

As I was loading up backpacks with school lunches, and nagging my oh-so-tired shorties to put on their shoes and coats, my Pandora playlist, which had just been blaring a wonderful, but subdued Michael Buble tune via my iPod on the speakers in the kitchen, suddenly, and quite randomly blasted out the song, "4 Minutes" by Madonna.

Pandora knew we needed a kick in the pants.

Because we danced.

I dare you to hear this song and not want to dance.

We popped it.

We locked it.

We got down.

We got back up again.

I shook what my mama gave me. They shook what I, their mama, gave them.

It was just what we needed. Then, "The Time" by the Black Eyed Peas popped up next in the Pandora queue.

Dirty bit.

We danced until it was time to leave for school.

We left the house with smiles on our faces. On a cold Monday in January, with a huge storm headed our way, that is ready to assault our streets and our highways.

I am not one to wish the days away, because as you know, days are fleeting and precious.

Except for January days.

January. It is the one month out of the year that slaps you in the face with reality. The cold, harsh, dark reality that the holidays are over, Spring is very far away, and unless you're going on a vacay to warmer climes, your pedicured toes will not be seeing a pair of cute sandals for at least 4 months.

Be gone with you now, January. Go on. Git.

Bring on February, with its red hearts, proclamations of L-O-V-E, slightly longer days, and the promise of Spring, that much closer.


  1. Well said! (I'm in Illinois. And we're preparing for a doozy of a storm right now.)

  2. "4 Minutes" is a family fave and I agree, no one gets the dance party started like Madge and J-Timberlake. On our last family vacation with the Griffiths we had a full out dance-off to that song and it is on video - I plan to use it for blackmail someday...!! Keep on dancing in C-bus and know that we are doing the same in our kitchens in A-K-Rowdy!!!

  3. I lvoe the way you write. It sounds like the way I talk! Dirty bit. So fun!

  4. Great minds, g-friend. From one dance party house to another. LOVE. IT.

    Locusts and shaking what you, their Mama, gave them.

    O splendid words.


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