Sunday, March 20, 2011

Turning down the noise.

I lead a very noisy life.

Literally and figuratively.

My four children are exuberantly loud.

Frequently and naturally.


My cell phone rings. The house phone rings. A text message alert chirps. The television plays back a recorded episode of a show that my 4-year old daughter has watched no less than 12 times over the last week. "Again! I wanna watch it again!" she pleads. My email inbox glares at me with its bold, highlighted blue print that begs for my attention with, "24 new messages".

The words in my head are jumbled like the word magnets that were popular in the 1990s and used to grace the refrigerator during my college years. A "there" over here.  "remember" over there." An "appointment" in the middle. A "call" in the bottom corner. A "school" in the top right corner. A "meeting" at the bottom, threatening to fall off and be sucked into the abyss of the underside of the refrigerator, never to be recovered.

Too many words. Too much noise. The words need to be slid together into nice little sentences that are coherent.

Yet somehow I can't put them all together. My brain is overloaded.

At some point, it is the plight of every mother. There is too much to remember. There are too many schedules to coordinate. There are too many lists to make. In fact, your brain is one very long list, with many boxes to check.

It is a beautiful life. It is a blessed life.

But it is a noisy life.

Something had to give.

I gave up blogging temporarily for the last two weeks. I have not read any blogs for the last two weeks. Blame it on an overloaded mommy brain that threatened to short circuit. (Do not worry, my wonderful, talented bloggy friends. I will catch up on all your brilliant words very soon.)

I gave up Facebook for Lent. (Except for Sundays, which don't "count" during Lent.)

Facebook is wonderfully noisy. But I am somewhat surprisingly relieved to not have to check my Facebook news feed, as I do so often on a daily basis. My brain is quieter.

I thought I would be tempted to click on the blue Facebook app on my phone.

But I am not.

This shocks me.

I had no idea that I got my up-to-the-minute news from Facebook.


This is either pathetic, or just a sign of the times.

The Super Moon? Totally missed it.

Yesterday was a busy day. I didn't watch the news. I didn't check the news on the internet. But once I logged into Facebook for my weekly Sunday viewing, I learned of the Super Moon. Some of my friends called it, "super lame".  Some friends were nonplussed. Some friends found it, "amazing". Some friends posted pictures of the Moon That Was Super.

Me? I was neither nonplussed or amazed by the Super Moon.

I had no opinion, because I missed it. I was on a much-needed date night with Bill, and when we were driving home from the restaurant, the last thing I thought to do was to look at the moon in the sky. I had no idea that the moon, which I have seen many times over my 36 years on this planet was supposed to be, "Super".

Because my Facebook friends weren't able to tell me about it.

Perhaps in 2029, I will be lucky enough to get the chance to view La Luna Super. 

But for now, my brain is much quieter, and I am enjoying it.

I think.

Then again, quiet isn't all that it's cracked up to be. 

Life is meant to be full and wonderfully, joyfully loud.

Enjoy the noise.


  1. Welcome back after your little break from blogging- hope your fund raiser went well. They don't get any less noisy when they get older by the way!
    If one of my kids were to enter my house today when coming for dinner and happens to have a coke screaming the usual greeting (i gave soda up for lent) I'd gladly kill them for it!! lol

  2. I think I could cut off my right hand more easily than I could cut off my social media communications. How sad is that?

    But kudos to you, girlfriend. Enjoy the quiet. :)


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