Friday, April 15, 2011

My very first guest starring role.

Sometime last year, I stumbled upon a blog somewhere in this vast internet.

She was a random blogger.

A mommy blogger.

She made me laugh and nod my head and say, "Yeah girl. I hear ya."

We started reading each other's blogs, and it was a match made in bloggy heaven. Now, I consider her a friend.

I have mentioned Sue before, but some of you may know her as The Desperate Housemommy. If we ever met in person, I just know we would laugh so hard that Diet Coke would shoot out our noses.

We have many things in common. 

We blog.

We are moms.

We adore our husbands.

We used to be elementary school teachers.

And? Most importantly? We both love Peeps.

They're not just for Easter, people. 

I was shocked to find out a couple months ago that before I moved here, we used to live less than five miles away from each other. Less than five miles. For seven years. And we never, ever met. Although, we do have a few friends in common.

Isn't it funny how life works that way? 

In this big, wide, internet, with all of its dark corners and scary places that you avoid, you actually meet someone who you would consider a friend? 

I am telling you this, because Sue has asked me to write a guest post on her blog today. Head on over there and read it. I have managed to wax poetic about laundry. 

Sounds riveting, doesn't it?

I promise you, it's not a snoozefest. You might even be able to relate. 

Also, show Sue some blog love, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook. I assure you, you will adore her blog.

Unless, you know, laughing just isn't your thang.

Go on now. Git. 


  1. I stood up and "CHEER"-ED when I read it!! LOL

  2. Look at YOU, being all sweet and gracious all up in your blog. Thanks so much for the kind words and for being my guest. MWAH!

  3. I read the post and it was awesome! Laundry is the devil.

  4. Heading there now! And wow...crazy small world!

  5. It is SOOOO weird when that happens. I see KLZ commented above. We met in the blogosphere but found out we grew up 1 town apart!

  6. LoL - I loved your guest blog :) and I love your blog know, if "gangsta" involved laundry :)

  7. The Desperate Housemommy is so great! AND I am glad I now have your GREAT blog to read. I will head over to The Desperate Housemommy and read your post after I bring son to school. Don't tell anyone, but right now my family thinks I'm ironing--ha! ha! ha! Jokes on them, until my son yells, "Mommy, where me clothes at?" See ya' later! ~ Helen Nutter

  8. Oh yeah... I love me some DHousemommy! She's brilliant!! Did I mention I think you guys are twins, separated at birth?? Something about your writing style...

  9. Did I miss this?? How?? I love you both. I LOVE the way you talk with the "Go on now. Git!". You know we are on the same page with this biznass. So glad you represented in the DHouse!

  10. OH, I read it!!! It was the funny laundry piece. I even commented, because it was hilarious, like always!


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